Making Learning Fun and Easy

Beginning Alphabet and Numbers


Songs are popular with people of all ages, and even those who fail to remember important information appear able to memorize the words to songs they like. Using catchy tunes and lyrics to help youngsters learn has become an important part of pre-school education. There are now television shows that have reduced the alphabet and numbers to a series of rhymes for children to remember, and they have become an effective way to teach. One issue with this is that children will go to school and believe all their learning should be this easy, and it is not always true.

There are many subjects that can be learned by rote, but application of information is an important part of learning. Children who only know how to memorize may find it difficult to apply what they know, and it can become a handicap for them in the future. If all learning could be reduced simply to remembering a few lines, life would be easy. Unfortunately, life is very complex in the modern world.

The alphabet of any language is the base on which to build words, but the rules for forming words are much more difficult to learn. Many of the principles involved will not easily be turned into lyrics with catchy tunes, and it takes discipline to learn them. Children who have only experienced learning as a fun song to sing may find learning is no longer fun, and they might be less than willing to put in the effort necessary to complete their lessons. If they are taught that learning is not always fun and easy, they have a different set of expectations for their future.

There are many times in life when young students will struggle with the concepts they must learn to pass their classes, and it does help when educators can make their work easier. For those who must be educated past the rote learning of the very young, changing the way they learn from fun to work is another learning experience.